Question about media streaming

Do u know if there is a way to save the streaming files (like quicktime,real and wma) which r played online?
for example there is the new spiderman trailer in the official site
i can play it but there is no option to save it
obviously these files r stored somewhere in the hard drive
but although i searched the temporary internet files folder
to move them elsewhere i found nothing
is it possible to save them and if yes how?

thanx in advance

There are some programs that can record streaming media.

Total Recorder is one program made for recording streaming audio (Real Audio for example). There is a program for streaming Video as well…it has been dealt with in this forum, but I think that was in the Dutch forum

Lotus Screencam is mentioned (don’t know if it works)

Another suggestion I found was opening the link in notepad, then copy/paste the link in GetRight…perhaps that works

Another suggestion I found was that you need a patched version (full version patched) so you are able to save certain files.

Hope this helps.

There is also a nother one called snagit… I use it for live feeds off of smut sites from time to time…

You can use Streambox VCR for this :slight_smile:

It works perfectly for realmedia :slight_smile:

There’s also another program called ASFRecoder to record asf streams :slight_smile:

I’ve always done with ASF recorder as streambox was hard to find as some bastards in america (wonder who??) shut their downloads off…

if you do a search for ASF recorder in the forums I posted a link to it about a month ago…

same old same old. hehe

With this prog you can record off the server, u rip the file! so you can get the high qaulity stuff with a 56k modem (like me!)