Question about media coding

Hi, I got confused coming across an auction stating media code being MCC, however, manufactured by CMC… some manufactured by Prodisc… So, is there any difference between these? Cause I know CMC and Prodisc do have their own media coding… why these specific discs are coded MCC?

Doesn’t Mitsubish manufactured their own MCC discs?

cant be…MCC003 / MCC004 …MCC media codes are by Verbatim / Mitsubishi…

CMC has their own CMC MAG…codes…and Prodisc too…

The MCC003 made in Taiwan are made by CMC and Prodisk.

And the MCC003/004 made in Singapore are made by MCC.

Although my understanding is that even Taiwan version of MCC003 media is very top grade CMC and Prodisc media and can be trusted better than most other brands of media in many cases. Might be wrong on that but I know I’ve heard people who’d rather have this media compared to some of the garbage you can buy. :slight_smile: