Question about Liteon drive noise

i have 80% decided on a liteon 812S, but i have a last question:

What about noise from the drive while working?
there are some CD - CD-RW drives that makes a LOUD noise while working, and they really annoy…

The noise is really a function of the speed of the drive. If you have a burner that works at 52x, it going to be loud no matter what.

Anyway, the fastest spin speeds of the 812S is 40x CD and 12x DVD. So it’s pretty quiet, especially compared to my LiteOn combo, which works faster (and thus much louder).

but also brand,
as at work i have a 36X CDROM that is so noisy, while another one have 52X combo that is enough silent.

hoping it will be silent as expected…

The noise of the drive is also dependent on how it’s attached in your pc. If you have a tower with silent block, your drive will make less noise. Same with the position of the drive in your pc. Watch the screw too.

Same if you manage to make your own tower by using plexiglass. I have a friend who decided to make a plexiglass tower. Now his pc is very still.

Some media makes more noise than others because their faces that is more irregular. It happens too to dvd that have irregular plastic cover on their side.

Regardless of what you do yourself to reduce the noise, each drive will make different levels of noise, and I aswell as mcbyte would like to find out about that.

My PC is virtually silent and I’m looking at a new liteon dvdrw but I want the drive to be very quiet (I would consider my to be replaced plexwriter 121032A reasonably quiet as a comparison). Has anyone any info about how loud these are?

Also, I’ve heard that the new NEC dvd burners are particuarly quiet.



Because they’re also pretty slow…

Having 451s@851s and 812s in the same tower, I’d say the latter is a little louder when burning DVDs at 8x. I haven’t measured the noice level, of course, just an observation. It’s not bothering me at all, though.