Question about liteon bitsetting tool



I have a brand new SOHW-1633S dvdrw and have downloaded liteons bitsetting tool. I thought from reading the text for the tool that once it is set to dvd-rom it would stay that way unless set back to normal. Well it keeps going back to normal every time. I also had a LDW-451S that I had set booktype permanently to dvd-rom with omnipatcher but am afraid to use omnipatcher with this drive because I started having problems with my 451. I want all my burns to be dvd-rom but don’t want to have to set it every time. Am I doing something wrong with the liteon bitsetting tool? Thank you.


strange, it stays on my config !!!


Nope,doing nothing wrong,every time you reboot you have to use the book type setting tool.


You need to use BS0S or BS41 and the BookType utility v1.3.3. :wink: