Question about LITEON 1213S Firmware Upgrade

Hey guys I’m a bit new to the whole idea of upgrading a drive’s firmware, however I’ve been having issues with my LITEON drive so I felt it might help compatibility issues.

Something I’m pretty much clueless is how this works. When I use the 1653S CS0P there’s obviously many new features on the drive. 16x DVD reading/16x +R burning, not to mention the biggest difference… Dual Layer burning.

Does simply using this firmware mean my drive is perfectly capable of doing everything the 1653S can? I mean is the 1213S and 1653S essentially the same drive with only subtle differences?

Or is this only done in order to maintain better compatibility (since LITEON’s newest firmwares for the newest hardware would have the most compatibility?), and should I refrain from ever using 16x burning or using dual layered blank discs??

Thanks a ton to anyone responding to this, I realize I’m a newbie but some answers could definetly help me :D.

BTW. Those familiar with this drive, maybe you can suggest the best blank discs? I’m also looking for discs that will be compatible with the Xbox’s DVD (I have the Thompson model), because it seems that Memorex 8x discs are not.

Btw I did check the FAQ and it didn’t really answer any of my questions. Also I can’t seem to read DVD’s at 16x speed, in fact with the 1653S firmware the speed is terrible, what happened??

Yes, it means that you can do all that. I have a 1213S converted to a 1653S. I burned a DVD-R at 12x just fine. Depending on your drive, DVD+R at 16x might be a bit problematic, but oh well. +R DL @ 4x should work okay. Since this is an upgrade from a 1213S, you may wish to consider resetting the learned media calibration (see the EEPROM Utility) because the media code indices changed between the 1213S and 1653S.

As for read speed, is this with a patched firmware or a non-patched firmware? Because on the 1653S, you get 16x only with pressed single-layer discs and everything else is 8x (a bug in the 1213S caused burned media to read at 12x instead of 8x). You may want to look at OmniPatcher’s read speed patching feature and also read the section in the OmniPatcher manual about it.

BTW, regarding another question you had, both CS0P and BYX4 are fine firmwares. CS0P is somewhat newer, so people tend to prefer it a bit more.

Thanks so much man, answered a ton of questions :D. Appreciate it! I tried out some Verbatim 16x DVD+R’s, MCC004. Didn’t turn out too well, about an adverage of 29-30 PI at 4x. So might not be such a great idea to burn 16x lol, at least with these. And now I understand the whole reading speed reduction, again thanks for the info.

I’ll have to try out some media at slower speeds and see how it performs, but I’m definetly impressed so far.

Sorta makes me laugh how LITE-ON handles their DVD Recorders… Maybe its common in the industry, but it’s still humourous how they just release the same drive over and over again simply with improved firmware/some subtle changes.

1213s@1653s should work fine in most case at/below 12x

However, my 1213s never reach the quality of a real 1653s

Possibility, some hardware tweaks have been done on 1653s

I can say 1213s is a 95% similar to 1653s in overall