Question About Lite-On LTR 48246S

Hello all I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have a Lite-On LTR 48246S CD-R Drive and I am wondering if it supports burning to discs that are longer than 80 minutes. I use Nero 6 Burning Suite and I know that my software supports burning to discs longer than 80 minutes, but does my Drive ?? Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you for your help.



it supports burning up to 99 min.

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As AZImmortal already told you, it does support burning over 80min.

Just one thing: when using Nero 6, make sure you don’t run without the patch for overburning (or better, go to and download Nero over there)…

i was about to post a question myself about whether the overburning bug has been fixed in