Question about LightScribe Technology

I’m thinking about getting a burner that is equipped with LightScribe Technology…

But, I heard somewhere that is takes 20 minutes to create a label on the top side of a CD.

Is this correct?
If so, reckon this technology will improve to shorten this time?

20 minutes is being generous. That is with the improved 1.2 media.

I just got a drive and it takes me 23-28 minutes for a BEST quality label burn. And even then, sometimes I have to do the label burn twice to get decent contrast, even with the Contrast Enhancement Utility.

I mean, it’s kinda fun and all, but man, does this thing just suck up the time or what? I’m spending time pre-burning the labels (minus the text) so that I actually have some ready to use that will only take a simple burn to get things done. Even then though, I’m still looking at perhaps 15-20 minutes depending on the amount of text and the contrast level used.

It ain’t all that convenient, to be sure.

Plus, the disks are still about 3 times what non-lightscribe media seems to be.

Well, thanks for the update…

I’m not the most patient guy when it comes to stuff like this so I may need to wait for this technology to evolve and get faster before I do this.

Buy a decent printer …that prints directly onto the disc (Canon or Epson)…the “special printable” discs aren´t too expensive, results are pretty good and it doesn´t take long.
…and don´t print stick-on labels (numerous threads here to warn you).

Hey, it’s not so evil. It’s just really slow, even with the so-called 30% speed improvement they made by altering the media (Version 1.2).

It’s a fun little novelty and potential distraction for home use. But if I was a business owner, no way in heck I’d let folks waste time with this thing.

You are right…I´m being a bit mouthy (been at the bar!)
I wouldn´t rush out and buy a lightscribe …I just mean, think about overall needs. Printer need replacing…?..ideal time to go the sensible route…I am more than happy with my Canon pixma 5000.
Need a new burner? Plently of good options that don´t include Lightscribe…and yes, the Lightscribe discs are expensive. There´s a new “flash” print option that I haven´t looked into at all.
But…cute and fun is also ok if you have time (reminds me of my girlfriend)

It is not worthwhile to play with I have BenQ 1655 with LS which so far I have’t made any use of it since LS disc is expensive and making it is very time consuming.

Printing on printable disks has been a pain though. In the US, I guess because of patent laws, only Epson seems to be able to sell printable units. Their ink is spendy and they have those lame chips in the carts that are designed to prevent other vendors from making 3rd party carts, I believe.

Then there is the cheap Epson trays, the over-spray and ink clogging, and the fact that you have had to spray a protective coating on them to prevent smudges and smears and stuff.

Only now are they SORT of putting out disks with a coating that won’t smear or smudge after they have had a chance to dry. And I think there are only one or two brands that do that, and Verbatim is not yet one of them, sadly.

I’ve nearly given up using my ink jet because it is so much cheaper and less trouble to take my pics down to Costco and have 'em printed by their big old multi-colored laser thing. (How come we can only get 4 color lasers for home units instead of these cool looking deals that use like what - 7 toner carts or something to produce incredible pics?) Die Sublimation is not nearly as flexible and convenient as an ink jet printer can be, but is about the closest thing you can get to true 300 dpi photo goodness.

Maybe I’m just too skeptical. I whine too much like a spoiled little baby. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess LightScribe is the closest thing to a good solution as I have yet seen, but it still feels like it has a long way to go, and progress has been very, very slow. Announcements come many months before product changes, and I’m not sure why that is. The only way they could make it faster was to reduce the media quality, and that doesn’t seem to be going in the right direction. Without that Contrast Enhancement utility, the 1.2 media would be about worthless to me, cause I would have to burn them at least 2 or 3 times just to get 'em dark enough. But all that utility does is negate the changes put in effect with the 1.2 media.

Thank GOODNESS there is baseball to watch tonight to help take my mind off of this optical debacle! :smiley:

I really like to look at the fields. The fresh grass, the different types of dirt, the open air stadiums. Oh man. How cool is that?

Yessir, I agree… and thanks for that nicely written comment :flower: …hope it´s noted by those who really need some guidance.
Meantime…enjoy the air, the fields, the game :slight_smile:

when I bought this hp of mine earlier this year, we thought the Lightscribe thing would be so cool
what a joke
technically, I don’t think it’s installed. I’m pretty sure I have a disc labelled Lightscribe and I know I’ve never installed it and believe is wasn’t pre-installed. ]ha ha[ I still think it will be cool to burn an image on a disc for my mother-in-law for a photo disc of the kids. would be a perfect present. You know what? These Lightscribe discs are not just sold everywhere. I’ve seen them in one place and don’t remember where it was!! I’m told I can go to these larger BestBuy or COMPUSA or whatever… I ain’t doing nothing of the kind. I’m stubborn and if they don’t sell them where I shop I ain’t getting them yet. I don’t go chase anything down, and the only specialty shopping I do is for RAM cards at the local RE-PC store. Other than that, I buy gecko food in the pet store. Everything else I buy comes from any store within those areas I typically do grocery shopping or near a home depot. Nope, no computer and electronics stores. No Lightscribe discs in Radio Shack or Walmart or Fred Meyer. {{I’m pathetic, you don’t have to tell me.}}

You could order them online maybe and have them delivered?

yeah, probably find a better price. I haven’t given it too much thought.
but christmas is coming, be nice to finally get photos to her.
I usually just post a webpage with photos to show her. I’ll check it out.
the only time I ever think about it is when I am in the electronic department because hubby dragged me into Wallyworld (walmart).

I actually prefer hosting pics online too, and walmart is pretty inexpensive in making photo prints, I believe. Something nice about having actual prints in hand, I guess. If you live on the West side of Washington State in particular, there can be a pretty dense grouping of tech stores so that ends up being pretty convenient, but mail order with Newegg, PC Connection and others seem pretty safe and even more convenient I would think. The stuff just comes to you instead of you having to go searching for it.

On the West side of Washington State you have Fry’s and of course BestBuy that both carry Lightscribe disks- even found some at Office Depot. And for those who live near Lk. WA., does the eastside of our state actually exist? :rolleyes: Hubby thought the Lightscribe idea was just too cool while we were at Fry’s ( buying a new TV) so he bought it &(I wanted something else like a Plextor.etc…) Verbatim, Hp, TDK all make Lightscribe disks just not in DL (that I have seen) And yes it does take awhile to engrave- but truthfully it’s easier to read than my handwriting & while it’s doing the magic bit- I can always make myself a cup of tea & drink it. Good luck!

I only buy the LS dsic when the price drop to no more than $.50 each not to mentionthe burning process is still time consuming.

You mean Epson is the only manufacturer that sells affordable printable units right? I’ve used Microboards equipment at work and you can actually purchase other cartridges and save some dough. But of course most folks probably won’t want to spend $1500 or more on a Microboards CD/DVD printer either. :bigsmile:

Then there is the cheap Epson trays, the over-spray and ink clogging, and the fact that you have had to spray a protective coating on them to prevent smudges and smears and stuff.

Only now are they SORT of putting out disks with a coating that won’t smear or smudge after they have had a chance to dry. And I think there are only one or two brands that do that, and Verbatim is not yet one of them, sadly.

I can’t recall the first label printer we bought at work, but it lasted less than 6 months and was as cheap as can be. So I completely see your point there.

I think the disks we used were Memorex or something. They only had to dry for a little while before you sleeved them.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to afford one of these? :smiley:

Well…I don´t really understand this print on the cd problem. I´m in Europe…with a Canon Pixma 5000. It prints cds…no problem…and this on I just did…tried to wet it (ja…spit on it etc!) but it´s fine…no smudges…it´s ok. Can´t explain why there is a licence prob with this in the US.
Example of this here…

If youy want to get a quicker burn with the lightscribe I found that the program that came with my HP840- Sure Thing 4 would often take 15 or more minutes just to print a simple title of the dvdv only- no lists no designs etc… I went to the Lightscribe web page and found a generic lightscribe program- free & it actually works- has limits on the size of print but quite a few different fonts and 6 or so disk designs- it isn’t the deepest, darkest burn but hey I can still read it better than my own handwriting & it usually takes only 2-3 minutes to actually print and doesn’t have a draft like look to it all. I just finished lightscribing 10 disks in less than 35 minutes and that included typing in the titles, selecting the fonts & disk designs and of course swapping out the disks. A half hour or so well spent I think. :iagree:

Link to the program please? I’d like to try it.


I think it’s this program found on the LightScribe site:

LightScribe Simple Labeler