Question About Lightscribe Drive (HP 720b)

Hello All.

Hopefully I posted this in the correct forum thread.
I purchased the HP 720b Lightscribe DVD/CD burner last year around chrismas but only used it a couple of times to burn cd-r’s and to try out the Lightscribe printing process. I also purchased a 25-pk of Verbatim CD-r 52X blank media which I have used many times since and up to this point, The drive has performed as expected so I figured everything was ok.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to try and get into DVD burning but needed both new sound and graphics cards. I shelled out upwards of $200.00 for the Creative USB Audigy 2 ZS Video Editor and used it to capture video from a VCR. I made sure all drivers were updated, ran defrag, kept running processes to a bare minimum, disabled anti-virus and everything was plugged in as it should be. Audio was excellent but had a few minor problems during the capture as I was trying to learn but after downloading a couple of plug-ins and getting to know the the process of editing and exporting the MPEG files, The time came to burn. I used the blank HP Lightscribe DVD-R that came with the drive and had a succesfull burn but it would only play on my PC. Not bad I thought for my first shot at burning DVD’s so I decided to delve a little deeper and try to burn one that would play in my home DVD players. *yeah right :disagree:

I am running Nero 6 Ultra and everything was fine with the transcoding process… then nero asks me to insert the blank disc. *problem. I have an HP Pavillion PC and both my CD-rom and DVD-/+RW drives are HP so I went out and bought HP DVD+R blank discs. I inserted the disc but nothing happened. Someone told me to try DVD-R discs so I did. These were also HP blank media. I re-opened the same project and after inserting the DVD-R, the drive still did not recognize the disc. Earlier today, I purchased a 3-pk of blank Memorex DVD-R discs which Nero also :disagree:

This brings me to my question. When I bought this drive, I was under the impression that it didn’t matter if the discs were Lightscribe enabled or just standard CD-R/+R or DVD-R/+R discs as long as they were a decent brand name disc, they would burn…and up to this point they have but why is it that seemingly when it comes to DVD’s, the drive only recognizes Lightscribe media? Whenever I insert either the HP Lightscribe DVD-R that shipped with the drive that I used as a test disc or one of the previously burned or blank Lightscribe CD-R’s it fires right up.