Question about "LG GSA-H22N 18X DVD-Writer, Beige, W/ Software, OEM"

i am planning to purchase a dvd-writer and after reading some reviews on the other forums, it seemed like LG GSA-H22N is a good drive to have.
now, i was planning to purchase it from here

but it says the product is “LG GSA-H22N 18X DVD-Writer, Beige, W/ Software, OEM”

I read something about OEMs on the forums and they said they are not really worth the price discount/ no firmware support. but they said this was for non-GSA models

so my question is even if it is OEM, since it is a GSA model will it have the firmware support?
Now, for all the experts, am i making the right decision buying this drive, OEM, at 37 dollars CAD?
or should i instead choose other companies such as lite-on/pioneer?

and another question: i would like to burn divx videos and make it be able to be played by my father who is in south korea. i have read that it is region 3 over there, and im living in a region 1 country. If i use the “DVDFab / DVD Region+CSS Free” will i be able to burn it so it will be playable with no region settings? or cani set it to region 0, because i read that some dvds will not play media that has no region setting.

thanks so much in advance for you help, it is much appreciated


this drive is much cheaper…is it a good dvd rw as well?

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As it’s a GSA model, you will indeed have firmware support.

You’ll get differing opinions on whether it’s the “right drive”, as everyone has a favourite - but from what I’ve read around here, I’d buy one. :wink:

As for the last question, I don’t really burn DivX files, so I can’t help there.

ahh thank you for your help…:slight_smile:

now i need to go and read about how to burn divx to dvd
(divxtodvd and dvdshrink?)
(Virtual Dub, TMPGEnc Plus, TMPG DVD Author, NERO Burning ROM or Nero Express?)

and how to make it region-free or region 0

wow…i just came across this quote on another website “Your burnt DVD won’t have a region set & doesn’t need to.”

is that true? if i burn dvds it wont have region settings so it can obviously be played in south korea?

thank you so much if anybody could quickly answer this question :slight_smile:

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