Question about LG GH22NP20

LG GH22NP20 CD/DVD-DL drive … I would like to know how
good this drive is and if it can or can not do Lite-Scribe … It appears
to be an OEM unit for Dell … Not sure if the Lite-Scribe feature is
something that it needs extra hardware (like a 2nd laser) or if it
is just something that gets disabled in firmware when they make it
for an OEM … If so, could it be reenabled ? ?

First would be to run dvdinfopro and see what is says about LS.

NP means a Non-Lightscribe-Model with P-ATA

The Lightscribe-model should named GH22LP…

Lightscribe required an additional hardware so crossflashing wont help

How good this series is? My GH22NS40 (newer SATA-model) is maybe not in the best condition after 10 years and it´s an awful DVD-writer. It would be a waste of media to burn with the GH22. If your PC have a SATA-connector I would recommend to buy an cheap LiteOn iHAS 124F. It´s much more quiet than actual LG-drives and much more reliable.

Okay, so I have the non light scribe model. As to what interface, my old Dell Dimension 8200 has IDE for the cd drives. No point adding a SATA card to that old computer. Light scribe would have been nice to have, but not essential. … Thanks