Question about LG 4163's Audio copying capability and DVD writing



Is this drive capable of copying protected/unprotected audio discs bit for bit perfect and whether it can read leading/lead out is important to me. How’s the DVD writing performance at 8x with TY DVD-R media? Is this drive also able to backup PS2 games? Thanks.


EAC was working pretty good with it. IIRC, the drive was not able to read lead-in/-out.
Dont know about TY DVD-R media (I prefer DVD+).
Dont know about PS2 games.


EAC works perfectly for Audio. The drive can do accurate stream, return C2 error information and read Lead-in but not lead-out which doesn’t matter because the end of an audio CD is always digital silence. The read offset is +667 and the write offset is 0. Make sure you enable “Fill up missing offset samples with silence” in EAC options and you’ll get a perfect copy every time :slight_smile:

Just about any drive can backup PS2 games, including this one.

Taiyo Yuden media is a good choice as it writes them perfectly at 8X. See scan below: