Question about Lacie DVD burner

Hi guys.

please can someone tell me how to do bitsetting for Lacie external dvd writer to be DVD-ROM book type instead of DVD+R DL. :rolleyes:

I searched for information on the net but couldn’t find any.

that’s the drive

Thanx in advance

I believe Bootype Management 8.4 will do it.

If you are going to use DL discs, make certain they are Verbatim.

thanx for the reply but it says “ERROR: the drive is not supported”.

anybody have an idea…


Try CD Speed. Under “Extra” pull-down menu will be Bitsetting.

jeff53404 thanx a lot for your help…but it tells me n/a it seems that it doesn’t support my stupid driver

i still don’t know what to do. but thanx a lot again for your help