Question about ISOBuster and recovering data on erased DVD+RW misreads as a CD-R



not sure if this is right place for this or not ,

My problem I’m hoping to find some help with is this… I have a few DVD+RWs recorded in my Lite-on 5005 set top recorder… I have a problem with the recorder where it will erase my disc for no reason …(thats not my problem here however) it doesn’t happen often but enough for me to have a good stack of 4 or 5 discs with things erased I really hoped to save… on a tip from someone in another are of forum I got ISOBuster and it saw all of the data still there on the erased discs …so I registered it to take advantage of the recovery portions of the software…

ISOBuster will find the data still there I can extract it fine to hard drive a few errors occur here and there during extraction but not horrible amount generally extracts whole thing in 10 mins or so… but when the extracted image is saved it is detected as a CDR not as a DVDR.

So while I can take my ISO file to Nero and burn it to a disc it asks for a blank cdr rather than a blank dvdr so the resulting disc is just a data disc that only ISOBuster can read .

this is so frustrating… I know ISOBuster will work on my PC I took an unerased disc that wouldn’t copy in Nero because of an end error on the disc it read the file extracted it and copied (as a DVD image not a cd image) to a blank DVDR fine.

Anybody know why this happens?..any info at all is helpful…