Question About IRX Files

Hi! this is my 1st post on this website, I just have a small question and I hope you can help me with it. I just bought my DVD burner today and Im workin with Nero, now for my question. I got a DVD back up of a PS2 game from my friend’s game folder and I want to copy it. The thing is my friend is out of town and I have no clue in the world how to contact him, anyways I popped in the DVD and it just gave me IRX files, VOL files and IMG files, how do I burn these files? I think he got this back up off of the Internet.I am not that good with computers and I always ask my friends for help when it comes computers. Thanx in advance. :bow: Im also using DVD Decrypter btw.

If he got these files off the internet then its a simple solution that you shouldn’t burn them or try to because that would be stealing the game and illegal.

If this is your friends game, once again you should not entitle yourself the priveladge of attaining yourself a free copy.

I suggest you contact your friend first to get more information.