Question about inkjet printable dvds...silver dvd+r doesn't exist!

I’m new here so maybe this has been discussed. I have this great new r300 dvd printer and lots of silver inkjet printable dvd-r’s.

I just spent an hour looking for silver dvd+r all over the Internet…and the suppliers tell me they don’t exist. Only white printable for dvd+r. Why’s that?I think the silver looks a lot better printed than anything I’ve tried on white labels.

Anyone know why there are no silver inkjet printable dvd+r on the planet?

Two months ago, the printable media choice was way better with -R. Now it’s almost equal (in good web stores).
I think it will come soon.
Anywaym, the choice is not very good. Beside Prodisc, who makes them?

Imation used to make silver 4x +R media but I think they have discontinued it. Hard to find and very pricey. I’ve never purchased from these guys but I ran across them when I was looking for silver +R media.

Thanks…from looking around, it seems the Imation #17462 (8x) are available in a bunch of places. They appear to be the only silver printable dvd+r so far. Guess I’ll try them.

Now, if someone could invent a shiny silver dvd that could hold inkjet printing, I’d be real happy. Or if thermal color printers come down to the price of an R300, that would be ok too.