Question about ILOilo +R/RW DVD Recorder DVDR04



I own a couple of ilo +R/RW DVD DVDR04 's. I have notice when I play back recordings on the same ILO (or different ILO machine) the picture quality is escellant. However when I play back the same recorded DVD’s on either my Pioneer DVD recorder or my 6 year old SOny DVD player the contrast is a little excessive and the picture is as sharp. Is that a problem only in in ILO machines or is that a problem only in +R DVD recorders no matter what the brand.

The reason I am asking is I have my eye on one of the SONY DVD recorders and don’t want to spend that kind of cash if I’m gonna get the same problem.

Other than that I have been very happy with the Ilo DVD recorders.


Take a look at this forum


wal-mart has the ilo DVDR05 DVD+R/RW DVD Recorder for $99 + $5 shipping = $104 shipped. Features TV Tuner, IEEE 1394 FireWire, front and rear A/V Inputs.

I might try one of these. At this price and with wal-mart’s return policy.