Question about IDE cable



Someone told me that round IDE cable is BAD! I am not sure if good idea to buy round IDE cable or not. I need ONE device each cable for two dvd burner. I have Pioneer dvr-111L and BenQ DW1655. So do they are good cable or not?

Thank you.


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I think that many here would suggest the same as you’ve heard.

Personally I use a mixture of flat & round cables in my PCs and I think my burners give the same results - from scanning perspective - regardless of the cable type.

I suspect the main thing is to keep the cable length to 18in or less as recommended by the burner manufacturers and use quality ones. Mine are Akasa and Belkin and are all properly shielded.

As for the ones in your links, I suspect there’s not much to choose between them but at least you get more of a description with the Coolmax ones so I’d probably go for them.


theres nothing wrong with round ide cables , infact they improve air flow within the case as their way thinner then standard ide cables , anyway why would you buy a 1 device ide cable? i suggest youll get a 2 devices (3 connectors) cable


I’ve actually reduced some of my 3 connector cables to 2 as that’s all I needed and the reduced length meant less clutter in my boxes.

Had I been able to buy any like those shown I would have done rather than mod them myself.


The cable looks fine to me. :slight_smile:

You should be safe.


Thank you for welcome me. I just hope round ide will be fine and look nice and more air flow for my case.

I agree about air flow. I don’t need two devices cuz I had problem with two burners from two device cables before. My mobo have eight SATA ports and two IDE ports so I can use IDE for dvd burner only and SATA for HDD only. I like master each device.

I hope so!


My opinion is that the flat ribbon cables, 40 pin, 80 conductor, will be better only because it is very hard to find a round cable with good shielding. Just my opinion.:slight_smile:


Where can I find good flat ribbon cables?


Just about anywhere. I think a flat ribbon cable is a flat ribbon cable, very little variance in quality unlike round ones.

I’d happily go with the round ones you’ve found.


As far as know the 80 wire flat cables only have 80 wires to seperate the 40 wires for less interference/better shielding