Question about hooking up additional digital boxes

Hi, I’m pretty ignorant about digital tv, so please excuse my nubee-ness. I’m not looking to get ppv or anything extra. I just need to know how to hook up extra digital boxes.

I currently have regular Comcast Cable and will be upgrading to Digital. Comcast says that service is an additional $14.95/month, including an HD box. When I inquired about digital service in the 2 bedrooms, I was told they don’t sell their boxes, only rent them for an additional $8.95/ea. If I don’t rent the box, I will continue to only get regular cable in the bedrooms.

What I’d like to know is, if I buy 2 Comcast digital boxes over eBay, once they hook up my service in the living room, can I just connect the purchased boxes to the TVs in the bedrooms and receive digital? Do I need to know anything else? Remember, I really don’t want to get any programming other than what I’m paying for in the living room, which includes no premium channels.

Thanks for listening,

Going by the receivers on Ebay, these Digital receivers should be able to work on Comcast although it appears that the consumer needs to notify their provider before connecting it to their cable connection.

As I never used Comcast or seen it operating, I am not sure if their receivers require a smartcard. If this is the case, the receiver may not work or will receive the basic package only when connected. If it gets in the basic package and this is all you are interested in, then there should be no need to call the cable operator.

However, if it requires a smartcard to work or box activation, you will need to get an additional card or box activation. I am not sure in this case if Comcast would charge an additional premium per month or just the cost of sending out an additional card.

Happy viewing :slight_smile: