Question about GSA-4163B



Brand new here and hoping somebody can help me out.

I just picked up a GSA-4163B to replace the LG Single Layer Super Multi-Burner drive that I had (don’t remember the model though). I’ve been trying to burn video onto a dvd using my new 4163B but unfortunatly while the disc will burn and will play in my computer using power dvd, and media player Nothing I burn off this drive will play in my JVC stand alone dvd player.

I have attempted various different videos, have used Nero, alcohol, dvd decrypter among other software to try and burn, and I have tried to set the booktype to both dvd-rom and Physical type (DVD+R in this case). Absolutly nothing seems to work, the only thing I can think of is that the problem lies within the media I’m using. The DVD’s were fairly cheap, essentially they can be snapped one handed and to be honest they flex like the old 5 1/2 floppy discs.

Anyways I’m going to try a different type of media later today but I was wondering if anybody else had any ideas, or what anybody thinks the chances of it actaully being just the media are. It’s the same media I was using in my LG single layer burner, and I never had a problem, guess I just assumed (or hoped since I still have about 50 of those discs) that since it worked in that one that it would work in this new burner as well.



What is the media id? Also you should update to the A103 firmware.


Media ID is: vdspmsab001

I have the A103 firmware, but I just read a thread regading media with this code and I’m am leaning more and more towards the problem being cheap media.

I never would have thought of check the MID though, so thanks for that. Anything more you can suggest just in case would be appreciated and I will post again when I actually have a chance to test some different media.

Heres hoping.



This is the first time I have ever seen such a code. I would guess your problem is bad media or bitsetting. Any of the media in my sig. are great on the LG 4163 except for the G05. Some have reported bad burns so I burn the G05 on my NEC.


Yeah vdspmsab001 is mentioned a few places here in the forum, with usually not so good results I think. Apperently that MID is tends to be Kodak Branded sold by futureshop here in canada. Not where I got mine, and I don’t remember the actual brand they were supposed to be.

ANyways I have some TDK’s that show up with an MID of Ricohjpnr01, apparently these are supposed to be fairly good so long as you don’t get a bad batch so I’ll give them a try.



So I tried a couple different types of dvd+r and works like a charm. Guess that’ll teach me to buy a 50 pcs DVD package for $25. Thanks For the help, appreciate it.




I use Fujifilm 8X + R Yuden T02s, and I really like them.

You can get them on sale often at Best Buy for $40 for a 100 pack


Multidisc - in Europe carries vdspmsab001 code and they tend to become unreadable in few month