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Hi Everyone! I am trying to backup my son’s playstation and xbox games in case one gets damaged. Do I need any special hardware for the systems in order to play these back? If so, what? Where do I find it?

You will need a mod chip in each console in order to play the backups. Also, modding your XBox will get you banned from Xbox Live permanently (unless you buy a whole new xbox).

Okay, got Firefox. Now what?
Do I really need all of this?

Erm, that Get Firefox! link is in my sig. That has nothing to do with the topic. But, it’s much better than internet explorer, so stick with it!

Anyway, to play copied games you must have a modchip in your PS2 and in your XBox. I’m no expert on them, so I’ll let someone recommend you one. PS2 games are pretty straight forward to copy on a PC. However to copy an XBox game, you must read it first in the PC and then in the XBox and merge them or something (again, not my field of knowledge).

So, anyone?

I would also recommend the Fliptop in combination with Swap Magic discs. The fliptop is a new cover for your PS2. It allows you to swap the disc without openning the drawer which will cause the PS2 to check the disc. You can find more info here:

You have to make sure you get the correct version for your PS2. You may find it cheaper if you look around.

XBox games are harder to copy. You have to chip your Xbox. You can rip them to the hard drive or using the ethernet card, dump them onto your PC then burn onto a disc. Xbox games can’t be read in a PC drive. Good Luck.

A couple of links for you

LMAO thats only a sig you have followed you dont need firefox to backup ps2 games
You will need a modchip or other boot method to be able to play the games first once you have that then post back and we will help you backup your games which is very easy to do btw…

as homer simpson sais: :doh:

aren’t there already chips available, which you can completely de-activate (physically by turning a switch) so they are not detected? i thought i’ve seen some like this a while ago…

Yeah, like a switchable chip. Just don’t forget to turn it off when connecting to XBox live.