Question about Free DvdFab Express

I am trying to make a backup of a dvd I just bought so my kids won’t destroy the original copy. I normally always use dvd decrypter for backups, however, it kept failing at about 15% in due to unreadable sectors.

Dvdfab took a while to decrypt the dvd but it said it completed the operation “successfully.” It had some hiccups along the way same as dvd decrypter, but eventually it got through them.

Here is my question:

If dvdfab can’t read sectors, does it keep retrying until it is successful or does it ignore the sectors and continue? If it doesn’t ignore the sectors, does it show up as a fail?

It is very important to me that everything copied correctly and no sectors (even if they were unreadable) were ignored. I can still return this dvd and tell them it is messed up and get a new copy. However, if dvdfab was able to read all the sectors through multiple retries while dvd decrypter was not, then obviously I don’t need to return the dvd for another copy. Oh, and if that’s the case, dvdfab is awesome!

What movie are you trying to backup? What version of Fab are you using?

If your trying to back up dvds I suggest you try the combo of clonedvd2 and anydvd from It has a 21 day trial and I think you would be satisfied with them. The free programs are okay but are not updated freqently. Good luck . One other thing I would like to ask you-Is the dvd scratched or dirty ???

I am using DVDFab Decrypter

The dvd is partially scratched. I dropped it =/

Can anyone answer my specific question though?

I’ll expand my question…

When DVDFab encounters a sector that is hard to read (possibly un-readable), how does the program handle it?

A) does DVDfab continue trying to read the sector until it is successfully read? If it fails to read the sector, does the operation fail?

B) does DVDFab continue trying to read the sector but upon so many attempts starts to ignore unreadable sectors and continue moving on to the next readable sectors?

My goal: I am trying to figure out why DVDfab can make a harddrive backup of this dvd, but Dvddecrypter can not.

DVD Decrypter hasn’t been updated for about a year and cannot handle all the new encryptions like Sonys “accross” where DVDFab Decrypter can. That most likely is the cause. As whether DVDFab can bypass a bad sector and complete the rip, I don’t think so. Most ripping programs will stop at the unreadable area. There are programs like VobBlanker and isobuster that can skip over the bad area and continue from the next readable point.

First off, while dvd decrypter remains a very useful application (particularly, in combo with AnyDVD for DLs), it is no longer being developed…as of 04/05, it is defunct. Consequently, it is not useful as a decrypter for recent releases. Either fab’s or slysoft’s applications will work just fine for decrypting, both are updated promptly when new copy protections are discovered. Both also offer free trials…you would do well to try them and see what you prefer.

Also when posting, it’s helpful to give us specifics, such as the movie title as suggested in the second post. It allows for a more focused and concise response, and we wouldn’t be wondering if this strictly a newer protection that dvdd can’t handle or are there other issues at work here.

It sounds as though fab was able to rip the movie ok. Why not just burn the file to a rw?..and you should have your answer.

To answer your questions, I’m not completely certain, but to my knowledge…
A) Error reading/writing is configurable both within Fab Gold and within dvdd, I doubt that this is the case with freeware. My guess here is that the rip will fail re: “unreadable sector”.
B) Again, my guess is no. I have not found enabling “ignore errors” with fab, particularly helpful, it simply fails.

Hope this helps.

Sorry wobble, I was in the process of posting a response and burning dinner… :sad: and lost track of time. Probably time to order chinese or a pizza… :iagree:

Sorry, I forgot to list the two movies:

The Cave

I think constantine was a result of being pretty badly scratched…however, unlike dvd decrypter, dvdfab was able to get through it (though it took about 2 hours). The kids had a field day on this dvd…

The Cave was copied pretty quickly by dvdfab so I’m thinking that the sony protection scheme may be at work but I did drop it once.

Oh…how I loathe Sony.

The latest versions of fab or AnyDVD will have no problems related to the decryption of either title.

Usualy with most ripping apps if the disc is unreadable you will get a error (I don’t spell very well) “cycilic redundancy check” except DVD Decrypter which will just continue to try to read the error over and over but never sucseed.

except DVD Decrypter which will just continue to try to read the error over and over but never sucseed.
Then you don’t use the default settings. It will in default setting try 20 times and after that show you an I/O error and stop.

I copied both movies without any problems using DVD Express. If the original is scratched or dirty, clean with windex. Remember to wipe the disk with a clean, lint free paper towel from the center to the edge. There are devices to reduce the scratches, but I haven’t tried them. My method is to use DVD Fab express and then play the movie from the hard drive. If that works then any copies should work as well. Be sure to use a good quality blank disk such as Taiyo Yuden. If the copy works from the hard disk and not from the copied CD then look at your burner or the blank media. I suspect that many complaints here are not due to DVDFab but for other reasons.

If you can’t copy a scratched DVD then you only other option is to rent the DVD and try to copy that. Since you have the original I see nothing unethical or illegal in doing that.


Also there are ways ti fix scratched discs. I use CD Repair Pro with Brasso, some toothpastes and there are commercial products available too.


try close antispyware programm en dvdfab expres works perfect(did by me)