Question about firmware on BenQ 1640

I heard something about buying the retail drive in order to use the firmwares on BenQ’s website. Is this true? Does this mean I should buy the retail drive instead of the OEM if the price difference is minimal?

The retail drive comes with software. If you don’t need that you
could buy an OEM.
With BQflasher you can flash any suitable firmware for your BenQ drive.

rubbish i bought the oem and it comes with the nero software, then went to benq site and downloaded all the free software and firmwares

Where I live it is common to include no software with OEM.
(You do not get Qsuite etc. but only Nero, but you can download all the Q’ties)

If the price differences between OEM and Retail is $5 or $10 then buy retail if it is more then there is no justification to pay for retail which is same drive as OEM with only $5 worth of cable, the software for burning is really worthless.