Question about firmware hacking and what file to use

With my 5006 now filling in for my hacked 5005, I checked the SN to try and figure out what I’ve got.

Seems I’ve got firmware 90 on it. [SN: 0104-1140-0090-F2SC(003-010B)]

Someone’s told me you can’t use the current firmware from the LiteOn site because it prevents hacking.

I do still have (on my computer) the firmware from when I upgraded my 5005, tho’. It’s got the file name Lnfa1098.es5.

Now, I remember that LiteOn showed two different styles to the SN’s, and which your machine had would affect what firmware you should use to upgrade.

If the SN style of my 5006 is the same as that of my 5005, would I be able to use the old Lnfa1098.es5 file to upgrade AND HACK my 5006? Or would this be too chancey?


What is your 5005 serial number? You posted your 5006 serial number as 0104-1140-0090-F2SC. Do you know what drive is in your 5006?

As mentioned in a PM, I’m not up on finding out how to ID what drive a machine has.

I’ll poke around and see if I can find info on the forum, but if it’s not in there and you know the answer…

You can tell what drive is in there if the machine has a common serial number from a machine that has had it’s drive firmware backed up by using omnipatcher or a hex editor to view the firmware or media code table.

To definitely know what drive is in the machine take the top cover off and there will be a sticker on the top of the DVD drive. About 6 screws and takes about 5 minues to do. On my 5005 and just about everybody else there are no tamper seals to break so it won’t void the warrany doing it. Your 5006 has a serial number of with the 1140 and F2SC. The ddw-451s serial numbers I’ve seen and am familiar with all start g (g2b9 and g2bd) and the ddw-813s serial numbers have started with a B (B208 and B20G)