Question about firmware flashing

Well, I am new to all of this. I just got in my ND-3520A, and was going to flash the LD beta firmware but have a question.

How many times are you usually able to flash the firmware before damaging the unit?

If its anything like flashing a motherboard BIOS, then the chance of a failed flash increases greatly after 10-12 times, and was wondering if DVD drives had any such limitation…

I have heard that it is more than a 1000. I have flashed mine back and forth about 20 so far with no problems.

I have not heard of any damaged drive yet… :wink:

BTW, a few hours ago I flashed my NEC 3500 for the 113th time… :smiley:

not likely to damage the drive unless the flash gets interupted half way through, then you are screwed.

@BSR if your flash is interrupted, you can recover your drive by flashing it in pure dos mode.