Question about finalizing DVDs

My name is Kevin, and I’m new to this forum.

I have burned through two COBY All-region DVD recorders, experiencing the power supply burn-out problem that I see reported online. Obviously, I don’t want to buy another one.

Here is my problem

  • I burned, BUT DID NOT FINALIZE, a number of DVD’s using the COBY player. Since I don’t want to buy another COBY player that will just burn out on me, I am wondering:

  • will a different player FINALIZE a DVD that was burned on the COBY player? If so, is there a player that anyone recommends?

  • pursuant to the DVD player recommendation question, I only wish to burn regular DVD+R’s (or to have a player that burns DVD+R’s AND other formats), I do NOT need to be able to burn HD DVD’s, and I am only burning films recorded on TIVO.

Thanks for any help out there!


If you have a DVD writer on your PC, you may be able to finalise the discs with that. Download a freeware program called DVD Decrypter, then from its menu select:

‘Tools’ -> ‘Drive’ -> ‘Close’ -> ‘Disc’ and it might be able to finalise the disc.

A rough but alternative method is to burn a small dummy text file to the disc using a burning application such as Nero (with the ‘finalise disc’ option selected in Nero of course).

For your DVD recorder purchasing question, you may like to read around the DVD and Home Entertainment section here:

HOW should a player be able to write anything??

He does clearly state that it’s a COBY DVD Recorder if you had read the post thoroughly.

He didn’t with this question:

  • [B]will a different player[/B] FINALIZE a DVD that was burned on the COBY player?