Question about file size of movie I want to burn

The move i want to burn from my computer is 217 MB and my dvd+r disk is 4.7gb my burner program says there is not enough room on the disk? Why is that? Anyone?

What is your burner program?

Ashampoo Movie Shrink.

How LONG is the movie you want to burn? AVI’s or WMV’s can easily, at 217MB, be hours long. Your average stupid program using a constant bitrate can, in fact, not have room on a DVD for such an AVI.

The movie is 1:13.

According to the Ashampoo web site, this software only burns to CD’s. You enter in the program what you want the resulting file size to be, and it calculates the necessary compression to achieve the end results.

Haha! ahem Get a real program?

why are you burning a file that small to a dvd? maybe you may want to convert it to a vcd. Also if that program is designed to shrink movies, maybe the file type is confusing the program.