Question About Ethics

I notice on the home page of CDfreaks that to the right side of the page under “Google Adds” several questionable adverts by companys selling DVD copy software and to be honest I have never heard of these. I’m not accusing of doing anything wrong but for a website that that supports helping people use the best software in these forums for DVD backups, I think they should review these software programs before letting them place adds…I have a suspicion that most if not all of these programs in the adverts are probably crap. …Any ideas?

The best thing to do is stick with the programs that you see recieving support and attention in the forums and ignore the ads…I always do. Most of the software is freeware anyway and AFAIK there are no discs out there that freeware can’t handle. This site is free because of those ads

The problem is that these ads are provided by Google, there is little we can do about this. This issue has already been raised in the staff forum and is currently looked into.

I have too little knowledge about these matters to make a proper judgement, but I wouldn’t trust Google ads at first sight (most of them are ok, but Google doesn’t screen all ads properly…as long as they get their money).