Question about email alerts?



Im trying to figure out how to have an alert play when I recieve new mail but not just some standerd alert I have a custom one that I want to apply but I cant figure out what to do.

I am using msn explorer but also use expllorer from time to time

Any ideas?


usually alerts are stored in the program dir, like cloncd´s patented tinkley noise when a cd is done. the files are usually a wav, so if it was called “newmail.wav” rename your custom file “newmail.wav” and replace original. however some programs share the sounds with with windows and then you will have to look in the windows dir. if the sound files are not there in windows or msn explorers dir then you could try editing the main msn explorer exe and seeing if there are any sounds in there. try eXeScope to do this (and UPX to decompress the exe if it is compressed) . good luck. ben :slight_smile: