Question about DVD Shrink and Decrypter

I recently tried to copy Bourne Identity using DVD shrink. When I clicked on open disk and selected the DVD drive with the movie, it gave me an error about unknown file. When I decrypted it using ISO>Read, it wouldn’t read it in DVD Shrink. I finally used IFO in Decrypter and tried to open it in DVD Shrink. It said it had an error about an unknown file, but it managed to show me the main movie and the extras on DVD Shrink. But, when I clicked on main movie, it said “no compression”, and the file was bigger than 4.7 GB, so I need to shrink it. What should I do? What’s wrong? Thanks.

Latest version of Shrink?
Region? PAL/NTSC?
DVD reader?

Shrink 2.3

I’m not sure about everything else, I’m rather new at this, although I did just burn a DVD using Decrypter that was already less than 4.7 GB.

When I put the disc in Shrink 2.3, it says because of copyright it cannot read the main movie, and it will not allow me to compress it at all. It allows me to compress the extras, but not the main movie. I read somewhere else that DVD shrink can take off the copyright by itself. If not, what do I save it as on Decrypter in order to bring it back to DVD shrink? Thanks.