Question about DVD scan after burning. (NEC4551A)

hello guys.

i have NEC4551A with the firmware “Liggy’s ND4551 Bitsetting Firmware 1-08” .

i burn a verbatim DVD-R 16X
media code: MCC 03RG20
at the speed of 8X

when i check the disc quality i see something weird…

if i scan the test on X12 speed the result is perfect! (the score is 99 as you can see here):

but if i do the scan in different speed (and it’s not matter if it higher like X16 or slower like X8 ), the result become worse… (somthing like 92-95)

do you have any idea why its happend?

and what is the right speed to check with?

tnx a lot! :flower:

  1. Nero score is not a value to relay on
  2. 12x is too much for NEC 4551A (they say 5x is the only spped NEC will show smth real)
  3. Your scan is to far from perfect - PE max 413 (when 280 is max) and over 1mln. total. Only with PF is rather normal result…

Here is mine “reather good” scan

I got similar results with Verbatim DVD+R as KireevSasha(MCC 004).
What is interesting is that I bought previous week Verbatim DVD-R (MCC 03RG20) and I am gettingsame or worse results than tostitziho. Is it possible that they are fake Verbatim or is MCC03RG20 worse? I don’t have screenshot but on my results PI Erros from 0 to 1 are higher than 300 PI Errors :frowning:

Make you scrrenshot and post it here as I do.

They say MCC03RG20 is better then MCC004.
I have not chance to test MCC03RG20 cause I hate DVD-R :doh:

I will druing weekend when I will return home :slight_smile:

99 to 95 or 92 is a minor difference. I wouldn’t worry much about it.

As for the ugly gradual increase in PIE errors, I get pretty much the same behavior on my ND3520 and MCC03RG20 media. I assume these NECs are too good when it comes to writing (or reading or both?) -R media.


As promised, here is Verbatim DVD-R quality test.

Is this a fake 03RG20? What do you think?

Maybe NECs (at least 35xx/45xx) just suck at -R? I’m having trouble recently with -R on an ND3520 (MCC 03RG20). The few I wrote (I don’t use -R normally) were readable, but not really good (see scan above). Now they just don’t work.

Can anyone confirm this?

Check this thread LINK

Seems that NEC prefers 12x speed when doing quality test. The results are much better. Anyway I agree with you, NEC has some problems with DVD-, because at 5x speed for DVD+ I received good results.