Question About DVD+RW Media



I’ve got a quick question about DVD+RW. I have been using Fuji 8x DVD+R’s for quite some time, and have never bothered with DVD+RW until today, when I picked up a 5 pack of Fuji 4x DVD+W discs, at the same time picking up two 25-packs of Verbatim 16x DVD+R at Best Buy for $9.99 :bigsmile:

Anyhow, I record tv with SageTv, and the recorded shows can play as any old movie clip through Windows Media PLayer. I just got done formatting the disc, and have dragged over a 4 gig show (Contender Finale). It’s going to take about 16 minutes to complete.

Since my standalone is a Philips642, I know I can just put that file type on the DVD and be able to watch it. I am concerned with method.

SHould I have opened a DVD making program, imported the video file, and burned it as a DVD movie??? Would that have taken less time???

Or is my method the right way to go???

Also, if I make it into a DVD movie, can I burn DVD movies onto formatted DVD+RW and then just wipe it later and start again?? Say I made a backup of a movie using DVD Shrink… can I throw a formatted DVD+RW in there, burn the movie, and then wipe it later and put some other content on there?

Thanks in advance for your replies!! And sorry for the nOOb questions


Your method is the quickest and the only downside is a potential problem on other players. If you use a DVD burner program you will not need to format or erase. It will just erase and burn as it goes. You will, however, need to recode the current file to VOB format and this can take time and can be problematic. I would keep doing what you are if you are happy with the Philips playback.


Sounds good. Thanks.

Playback from the Philips DVP642 is just fine. I bought that player because it was known to play “everything”, and it does.

The only thing I don’t like about the unit is it’s FF/RW capabilites, which are SERIOUSLY lacking. You only get a max of 8x FF speed which is terribly slow.



This player has the built in PAL/NTSC converter??


I have two 62s and I agree. They play everything you throw at them.

I cannot confirm it, but I have heard from other users that they convert PAL to NTSC as long as you don’t try widescreen.


Yup, you can do exactly that. You might need to do a full erase on the disc if you’ve got a movie burned on the disc and you want to wipe it and put data on it instead but generally whatever software you use for burning should prompt you for that as needed.

Oh and btw, I have a Philips 642 too. It’s a great DVD player and works well with DivX/Xvid. Same gripe as you about the FFWD function though and I keep pressing the down navigation button instead of play when I want to come out of FFWD.


I did try some xVid with it, burned to CDR and played with no problems. I dabbled converting a DVD movie into xVid. Since I now have a 37" LCD TV I can’t really justify the tedious nature of converting to DivX/xVid. It took a long time, using VobSub and Lord knows what else I used at the time.

Down the road when I build my HTPC I’ll just opt for more storage space in a back-end, and store the DVD movies with movie and soundtrack only, on the HD’s, rather than converting everything to DivX to save space.


Yes, I too have a Philips 642, and your method is the fastest way to get something onto DVD to play on the Philips. I do it all the time for TV shows I ant to watch once, and then I just reuse the +RW disks over and over again. For stuff I want to keep forever, I do go through the trouble of converting the files to fully compliant DVDs that will play in any player.

My only complaints with the 642 are, as was mentioned, the maximum 8x scan, and that sometimes when I watch video files burned as data disks (as you describe), the sound is out of sync with the video. This doesn’t happen often, and it gets worse if I FF or REW through the video. Oh yeah, and there is no memory playback on a non-DVD video file. If you press stop, you have to start playback over at the beginning of the file. This can be annoying if the file is 2 hours long and you can only scan at 8x.

We’re getting a bit off topic, but someone asked about PAL to NTSC conversions. The 642 does an excellent on-the-fly PAL to NTSC conversion, and it does work with widescreen. To clarify, when I play a PAL widescreen mpg file, it plays full screen but the picture is not distorted, so it must be cutting one or both sides. When I convert those same files and make proper PAL DVDs, they play perfectly in widescreen (letterboxed on regular TV).