Question about DVD+R DL being playable on home DVD player?

Question? If normal DVDs are DVD+R DL then why are they more playable than back-ups burned into DVD+R DL? Are they the same or not? :confused: What makes regular DVD more playable? :confused:

I just made my first back-up but it only plays on PC and not home DVD player. The player is by Cyber home which I seen on that the player is not compatiable with DVD+R DL and this is why I am asking this question. DVD+R and DVD-R read fine on player.

So can someone help me to understand all this? Is it the software that counts also? If so I would like to know which ones? Thanx! :slight_smile:

Well, a normal DVD isn’t a DVD+R… It’s just a DVD. It’s pressed in a factory, not burnt, and uses a technology called “Parallel Track Path” or “PTP” to guide the DVD player’s laser when reading it. A burnt DVD+R, in addition to having been written and not pressed, uses “Optical Track Path” or “OTP”, which some readers do not do well with on a Dual Layer disc.

The only chance to get a higher read compatibility with dvd players, is setting the
booktype to dvd-rom(which uses a factory pressed dvd) and a quality DL media like

Thanks for the reply! Though how do you set the burner to booktype? The media used are Verbatim and the DVD Burner is A Samsung TS-522U with firmware updated to U106. So thanks again. :slight_smile:

For example with nero, before you hit the burn button you’ll see in neroexpress bottom
left corner booktype settings or in nero burning rom under option choose recorder, there
you’ll find the same options, just change to dvd-rom!

Is this Nero discussed here part of the Nero full version, as I have Nero on my notebook but it is the “smart start” that came with my burner.

Any comments???