Question about DVD menus in NeroVision Express 3

Hi there,

I have been creating home videos and exporting to DV in Pinnacle Studio 8 for some time. I’ve just installed a DVD burner (Sony DRU-810A), which came with the Nero 6 suite, with a view to compiling my movies into DVDs.

I’ve successfully created disc images of separate movies in Studio and brought them into NeroVision Express to create menus and chapters, and then burn. The problem is during playback: when it gets to the end of each movie - all separate files - it starts playing the next one, without returning to the disc menu. I want to be able to select playback for each one individually.

I have tried importing the video files as mpegs, and also avi and the contents of the video_ts folder (without fully understanding what this is :o ). Get the same every time. I’ve used Nero’s menu templates and started a blank one: ditto (I am not selecting the Use No Menu option). I need to create menus, so please don’t send me to Nero Burning ROM (unless I’ve missed a vital menu-creating feature there!).

Hope someone can help!


Sarah B.


I’m no expert with this program, just started using it and having problem figuring out how to add multiple menus, but I think I have your answer. I had the same problem until I found the right switch. Go to the “Select Menu” screen, it’s the screen right after you add the content, and then press the “More” button at the bottom. You’ll be given the option to change the “when finished playing a title” feature to either “play next title”, which it is currently set at, or “jump to main menu.”

Hope that helps.


I have Nero 7 but it has an option when clicking the “more” option in NeroVision but annoyingly you must be on th right screen to see this option available. In Nero 7 it is the “select Menu” screen.
on this screen you have the options drop down on
"When finished playing this title"
go to main menu,
play next title and loop

Hope this helps. I am sure this was available in Nero 6