Question about dvd fab 5



I have been using Dvd fab 5 for several weeks and have been very pleased with it, especially after purchasing a $50 software from bestbuy, and finding out it is crap. Anyway, After I copy a movie to my harddrive, I will generally transfer it to a partable harddrive, for later viewing. I was wondering if their was a way that I am missing to copy the entire movie in one long section, rather than have it broken up into seperate sections, roughly one gig per section?

Thanks in advance!


i myself prefer the video_ts folder for hard drive storage. however, as far as i know, dvdfab offers two other 100% quality options.

save as an ISO file or use the dvd to mobile option VOB passthrough.

to save a dvd as iso file, please click on the ISO icon next to the target selection

to use vob passthough:
please select the dvd to mobile option Generic

select a source - click next - click conversion settings

for device select VOB

now i am new the the VOB passthough method, so i dont know exactly what players will work and what type of processing can be done with the resulting files.

maybe some will come in and let us know.

thanks troy


Hey thanks, I guess I should have said I have the free version of dvdfab 5, so I don’t get access to the Mobile sectiong. Also, when I tried doing the ISO file save thing, It only made it to where I could burn the saved file onto a DVD, I want to keep it on my harddrive to watch on the computer.

Thanks for the help though.


if you are using the free dvdfabhd decrypter there is no method of burning with dvdfab. only option is to save to hard drive.

you can play the ISO with a free player called VLC media player

i use this player to play all my media files.

you can set your computer to always play the ISO file with VLC:

–right click the saved ISO file- click open with - choose program

– scroll down to select VLC - also select always use selected program


Ok, I don’t want to burn the DVD. I just want to have it all as one file, and not like, six seperate chapters per movie. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


have we gotten you to where you want to be? if not lets keep trying.

your welcome