Question about dvd decrypter

every time i copy a movie to my hard drive it is too big to copy on to a home dvd…how do i cange the size of the compression?

Try to use dvd shrink or cloneDVD2

hi guys i have a problem with trying to burn a dvd after i have copied it to my hard drive with dvd shrink. i can not open the file with nero or dvd decryptyer. when i open the folder it shows its empty and when i ask it to open all files then it opens but can not burn it says unexpected file format pls help

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i do but im having issues with dvd shrink…its really slow on my cpu…it takes 4 hours to back up a dvd, but not with dyd decrypter

Try DVD2One…get details here:

 or just download trial here:

when i use DVDD to make back ups I use DVD Shrink to shrink them(it should auto size them to fit on a DVD-5) and then use DVDD again to burn them and I have never had a problem yet

im pretty sure you need a virtual drive to mount the image you made with DVDD to use in DVD Shrink

I use Alcohol 120% for my virtual drive but there is also daemon tools (which is free)

nope, shrink actually has an “open image” option to load up an iso.

my bad i did not know i dont do that much…

no problem. now you know! this board is just one big learning experience :slight_smile:

why not just open the disc, saves you the step of making an iso unless your copying playstation 2 discs