Question about DVD Burner

Haven’t kept up with newer burners nor how they do quality wise, but I was wondering if anyone knows if there is any new burner out that can burn solid straight-throughout the disk giving good quality burned disk using Verbatim 16x +R disks @ 16x speed?


My Pioneer 111D, cross-flashed to 111L does well at 16x with those Verbs…but I mostly burn at 8-12 to be safe. Patience is a virtue!

Most burners will do well with 16x +R Verbs, especially when burned at 12x.

As Kent, I’ve a Pio 111D flashed to the 111L & it burns very nicely thank you. As do my 2 Benq 1650s & my Liteon 1635S.

You’ll find that the Liteon LH-20A1H burns these very well at up to 18/20x so at 12x or 16x you should get very good burns. There are some scans on this page

Also the Samsung SH-S182D burns the 16x Verbies (all 3 manufacturers) very well even at 18x. :slight_smile:

Lovin’ my H22N and 16x Verbies…

Verb 16x in H22N

I see that the Samsung SH-S182D is more popular than the Liteon LH-20A1H among reviewers. I wonder why…


Does the LG H42N do the same kind of burning as the LG H22N?