Question about DRW 1004

Hello, I might be getting tomorrow.

I can’t see any System Requirements listed and I’ve looked but cant find anything. Here’s my computer, I want to know if this will work on my computer before I buy:

Athlon, 1100(Whatever it is, speed)
192 Ram
Windows 98SE
13GBs free disk space

Will everything I need to get the drive working properly be included with it, like the drivers on the CD?
I think I know how to fit it. I have just a CD-Writer, should I be able to just take that out and put the new one in?

Thanks, Stephen!
PS. What is firmware? I see loads of posts about it but dont know what it is.

Okay I found the manuel on the official website. It looks like I have everything needed, but I’m not sure about this:

IDE host interface supporting ATAPI MMC Command

Oh another thing. I have a DVD-ROM and a CD-WRITER. I’m planning on replacing the CD writer with the one. Say I cant get the DVD-WRITER to install, as long as I do all the installation properly, should I be able to just replace it with the old one?

I dont want to break the computer trying to install it.

How much are they charging you for the 1004? (The link you posted does not work) You might want to see if you can get an 8x burner if the price is similiar.

Firmware is the ‘software’ that is embedded into the DVD-Burner itself. It will contain the information needed to identify the DVD media you are using and use the appropriate settings to burn the media. I would recommend you check this URL to determine which media is supported by this burner:
Also check here for the 1004 change log which also contains information on the media supported:

Hardware wise, I do not think you should have any issues installing the burner. Make sure the power is off :wink: You may need to get new burning software if the drive does not come with it.

Also do a search on this forum to see some of the good and bad experiences that users have had with this particular model.

£40,try here instead :slight_smile:

So will all I know to do, is fit the DVD-Writer into the computer(Just unplug the CD-Writer and replace it with the new one), then restart and run the installation. Then its done?
I know to turn the power off… :wink:

yeah, plug and play. but if i where you and i will buy a BTC drive then this one
8x +/- R and only £10 more.

It’s also worth uninstalling/removing your old burning software before installing the new, which will probably come with your drive.

Didnt even have the one for £40 in stock, so got the 8X one instead :slight_smile:

Going to try and install it now…

Just out of interest, is it a 1008 or 1108?

looks like a 1108 8x+/-R

Installed it alright, havent done a DVD which has worked yet though. DVD-Rom doesnt load DVDs anymore, so I’m looking for a free program which will convert just the actual film, and not the special features.