Question about DRM...PLEASE HELP!

Not sure if this question is in the right section, so i’m sorry if its not. I have a bunch of video files that i downloaded and they are protected (i’m assumin its DRM). The files i have are all either WMV, AVI/Xvid, or MPEG. The files all have protection codes on them that only allows me to view them for a certain amount of time then become unviewable. i was able to run the WMV files thru a program called “FairUse4Wm”. I believe another program called “Tunebite” does the same thing. anyway, i was able to remove the protection from all the WMV files, but i am unable to do the same with the avi/mpeg files because the program will not recognize them. I tried to change the extension names on them to WMV but still have no luck. I tried using a few video converters but got nowhere fast. My question is, does anyone know a way to remove the protection from the avi and mpegs files, or is there a way to convert them to WMV and then remove the protection??

The best way is to buy them. We don’t give help here with removing copy protection for stuff you don’t own.

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