Question about Downloading Laws

If it’s illegal to download music (which I am not debating that) but why don’t they just sue everyone who downloads. Like surely they have enough money (record compaines) to get there hands on the data/list of songs that were downloaded and by who with the IP Address

Is this not the case? If they do keep a record of what was downloaded and by who, how come they never done this, or do they?

Where downloading is illegal (depends on the country you live in), it may not be cost efficient to start a court case. Where the legal fees exceed the money claimed from a defendant, it will not be efficient to sue the individual. Even to set an example, the costs outweigh the gains…that is why not everybody is sued.


If they sued everyone they’d lose a massive proportion of their customer base, alienate everyone else, it would cost them a huge amount of money, and it could well end up with the laws being changed in the downloaders favour due to public opinion and the cost to the taxpayer through wasting the courts’ time… They just want to sue a handful of people and publicise it to scare people off downloading through fear of the same happening to them.