Question about DMA and firmware

I am new to this forum and also very new to DVD Authoring, about 1 week old.

I recently bought NEC 3500AG from New Egg. I browsed through this forum and downloaded one of the firmware’s which is being actively discussed in the forum, the 2.27 version. Main reason for me to flash my drive was to remove the riplock.

I used dvdxcopy platinum to backup my old movie Shrek, the media I used was the one NewEgg sent me freely ( I dont remember if its 4x or 8x), It took me about 50 minutes. So I thought it must have been because of riplock, I am seeing such slow performance.

I was able to backup and then install the new firmware using Uniflash.
My question is It changed my DMA settings, I guess which is natural. Now my computer says I still have 2 more chances to make changes if necessary.

  1. Why did I loose a count of 2 or 3 (I remember seeing a total of 5 chances for me to make changes, which I could be wrong) for one install of the new firmware.

  2. How do all the people who do the testing about different firmwares, do this by not loosing the DMA counts.


Oh my god.

DMA is unrelated to the drive’s region counter. It is common for Windows’ region counter shown in device manager to jump down to 2 changes left, but you have nothing to worry about, especially if you don’t even understand that the counter is for region changes.

Did the whole process take 50mins or just the burn?

The rip (without riplock) should take about 10mins.

The re-coding should take about 30mins on a 1.5GHz+ PC with 512Mb or more.

The burn would take 15mins at 4x (the media Newegg supply with the 3500 is 4x).

So 50mins for the whole process is probably about right. Quickest I’ve ever done a rip+recode of a full disc is 27mins (2.5GHz Athlon), plus 13mins burn.

Won’t he have problems when he has no more changes left and wants to use another Region DVD?

I have a XP media center with SP2 on a 2.8 GHz machine with 512 Mb RAM. The whole process took about 50 minutes. The Rip and Burn took approximately equal time (about 25 minutes each, I use the dvdxcopy platinum which has 2 step copy thing). So these are the only 2 times I noticed rip and burn.

One of my friends has a Liteon version with 8x speed and he uses the same software and he claims the whole process takes him about 20-25 minutes on his old computer which has 128 Mb RAM, Windows Me and 700 MHz machine. But he uses 8x media though.

I am more worried about the allowed DMA changes left, cause, if tomorrow I install the official or Hacked New firmware, will I l have trouble

Thank You all for your answers



The media that Newegg sends with the 3500 is Ritek 4x - and it will only burn in your 3500 at 4x-

Try some Taiyo Yuden 8x - the -R’s will burn at 12x and the +R’s will burn at 16x-

Either can be had from for $30 plus shipping for the 50 cakebox which is a great price from a great vendor for the best media out there period.

Go with Herries firmware - it’s good stuff-

Happy Burnin’


Those are NOT DMA changes as stated above. Your DMA should never change from firmware upgrades. They have to do with region codes.

BigMike thanks for the website I just ordered a 50 pk of the YT’s +R. I have been looking for these for awhile. Most vendors don’t seem to have them. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Actually, your DMA setting might change after a firmware flash depending on how Windows handles the hardware change.

This is true…