Question about DivX to DVDR guide

i’m a bit of a novice, and although i try to work most things out myself… (or should i say use a guide!!) i just have a couple of questions if you don’t mind helping me out. thanks in advance if you can help :slight_smile:

first of all… what exactly IS a DivX file? i hear them referred to on here all the time, and to be perfectly honest i have no idea what they are… avi, mpeg, etc. it would be pretty pointless me even continuing with this guide until i find that out, because knowing me it’s quite possible that the files i am trying to convert aren’t even Divx’s!!

second… on the guide when i am using windows explorer to find the DivX file (at least i hope it’s a DivX file) and right clicking on it, then selecting options, then summary… it says write down frame rate etc… there is nothing like that there!! It either says “description title, subject, category” etc (with no description or title etc. actually there) OR it says “summary properties are unavailable for the selected source”

as i said though, because i am unsure what a DivX file actually is it’s more than likely me being stupid again!

when i am on DVD2SVCD on the bitrate tab… where the guide says to “change all the 6 boxes to read 4400” well… there is no 4400 option, only 740, 800 and 900 so i am unsure which one to select.

i’m using windows XP if that’s relevent

thanks again


A DivX as an AVI. Its an AVI that has had the Video part compressed using the Xvid codec, thats all. So it commonly just called an DivX. An Xvid is the same, just the the Xvid codec has been used on the Video stream. Audio is typically MP3. If a 90 min movie was encoded to an AVI WITHOUT any compression, it would be about 18 GIG in size, not the 700meg typically with a DivX. If the file ends in AVI, then its probably a DivX of some sort.

For that information to show, you need to have AVI associated with Windows Media Player. You obviously have it associated with some other software.

As for the 4400, arrrr… just type it in :cool:

Originally posted by ChickenMan
For that information to show, you need to have AVI associated with Windows Media Player. You obviously have it associated with some other software.

first of all, thanks for the reply :smiley:

i have checked, and my .avi files are associated with WMP, but i am still getting no information when right clicking properties and then summary on all my avi files… is there some other way to find out the details i need?

as for adding the 4400 manually, i tried that and i cant… it won’t allow me to type my own numbers in, it just lets me select one from the pull down menu :confused:

thanks again


Then I suggest you have a serious system problem. If the avi is MWP associated and you also cant type in the CD Size box in DVD2SVCD, then the problem lies with your Windows, not with these programs. Try re-installing Windows.

You can get the AVI info by also laoding it into WMP and then go to File Properties.

thanks chickenman, all thats sorted out now :smiley:

just one more thing then i promise to leave you alone!! i have tried sorting it out myself, but i just can’t get it right.

my audio file was originally mps and has been converted to encoded_audio_1.mp2 and i understand that i have to covert it via besweet to AC3 format for 100% compliance. now… the way i tried to do it, the AC3 file ended up twice as big as the MP2 file, which now makes my files too big too fit on the DVD. obviously i am using besweet wrong (because i’m assuming done the right way the file size would be the same so it would fit on the dvd?) but for the life of me i just can’t figure out how to sort out this problem :o

again… i would really appreciate any help you (or anyone else) can offer :bow:

thanks again


If you selected a bitrate of say 192 for the audio in DVD2SVCD, then that mp2 file converted to a 192 bitrate AC3 will have exaclty the same file size. (somethimes differs by 1 kb) To be honest, AC3 Machine is better than the Besweet GUI, just does AC3 and easyier to understand, one one front screen with all options seen. Make sure final AC3 is set to 192 and Stereo (not 5.1 ch).

Thanks once again ChickenMan for helping me out. Everythings worked out fine now… actually had another little problem but believe it or not i seem to be getting the hang of it and figured it out for myself! lol

having a few problems converting MPEGs to DVD now though… then there’s all my DVD’s that i want to back up too… but i’ll try and figure it out myself before i start bugging you again :wink: i honestly don’t know what i’d do without your tutorials, and to think i only stumbled on this site browsing about, don’t know what i’d do without it now.

thanks again :bow:


Good to hear your getting on top of youi problems yourself and glad the Tutes were of help. Its always good to get a bit of positive feedback, thanks.