Question about disc quality scan

If you run a disc quality scan (with nero’s utility cd-drive speed) and it keeps freezing on the burnt disc is that a media being crappy issue or a burnt incorrectly issue?

hi, you’ve posted this in the anydvd forum. this question is not related to the anydvd software program. hopefully a mod will move it.

a poorly burned disc will show erratic and high spikes in the cd-dvd speed quality scan or will initiate an error message such as “error reading sense information” or something like that

hopefully if this thread gets moved to an appropriate place, you’llr eceive more feedback on your freezing issue…

It’s necessary also to give more informations: what burner? What firmware? What disc are you testing? What speed are you testing?

Liteon dvdrw shw-160p6s firmware version PSOA the disk i’m testing is an HP dvd+r double layer 2.4x. testing at speed 8x.

if i’m not mistaken, you’re better off using kprobe for scanning on a liteon…

cd-dvd speed is good too for liteon drives. In my opinion, the disc is bad burned.

Try with another disc (select one randomly, a single layer one maybe is better) to exclude your drive as cause.