Question about digital cable terminals

I hope this is the appropriate forum.
I have two questions regarding DCTs…

I just got a DCT 2224 - is this a DCT 2000 HT (as labelled by Shaw), or a DCT 2500?
The person I talked with from Shaw said that it was a DCT 2500, but the pictures I saw of
the 2500 showed a different box than the one I have.

Will the quality of my analog channels be reduced when I start using the set top box? I have
heard of people complaining their (analog) channel quality took a hit after installing a STB.

Thanks for any help!

Yes, the analog channels do take a hit, but believe me, you won’t hardly watch them if you get a decent # of HD channels. The only thing I watch on analog is the Shield on FX, the Food Channel and the History Channel. The quality ain’t great, but you put up with it because the HD is phenomenal.

yeah, i have a motorola dct2224 and it wont display the visual, it only plays the sound for any channel marked HD. any suggestions?

That’s because the Motorola DCT 2224 Digital Cable Box is just a standard digital box and it does not support HD.


So your saying Charter ripped me off by renting me a box they knew wouldnt support the channels im paying for. thats [I]so[/I] unlike them

No, I am just saying what it is. This box came out in late 2002 and is no longer made. If you want a High-Definition Cable Receiver box these are the models from Motorola that you should be looking at.

Motorola DCT3400
Motorola DCT6200
Motorola DCT6208
Motorola DCT6412

There are other older model numbers, but I think you will get the point.

Go back to charter and tell them you want a High-Definition Cable Receiver not just a Standard Digital Cable Receiver.


all these folks are correct. that is the same model box that i am presently using.
also using snapstream software & when setting the software up it uses the 00 model. works fine but absolutly no HD on this STB. complain & cry and usually you’ll get what your after. atleast with comcrast it works!!:iagree:
good luck!!