Question about differetn soft to backup WC3

Hi guys!

I’ve purchased a Traxdata 40x 12x 48x (just a Lite On LTR-40125S) and I would like to backup WC3 succesfully. I would like to play it without activating “Hide CD-R media” from the system tray Clone CD icon.

So… I’ve seen there are some programs that possibly can copy protected CD’s like Fireburner or CD-Mate. Can you verify this information?

Some of you have succesfully made a WC3 back up with one of these programs (or Clone CD)?

Thanx in advance! :wink:

A number of people have had success backing up WCIII with cdmate using the standard securerom 1/2 settings. (Try first with a cdrw to test as many people have had problems backing up this game.)

As to whether you will need clonecd’s hide cd media, it will depend upon whether or not you have an ordinary cd/dvd rom from which you can install and play the game. If you have a cd/dvd rom, you won’t need hide cd media to play from the back-up from that drive (assuming that your copy is good). If, however, you only have your writer, then you will need to use hide cd media in order to play from the back-up.