Question About Data Burning



Ok, I have a question, it may be a stupid one but I need to know. :slight_smile:

Ok here it goes:
If you burn say about 200 MP3’s to a Data CD and then delete the original CDs off your computer, when you put it back on the computer does it lose any quality? Say if you put those songs that you took from the CD and burn it again to another CD, does it lose more quality? or no quality at all?
Thanx so much! :slight_smile:


Quality is in principle only affected during conversion. So where there is no conversion, there should be no data loss.

However, burning a CD without any errors is very rare, there are nearly always some. These errors are not noticable and are not related to the sound quality, but more with the data integrity in general.


Mp3’s take so little storage space in today’s huge, inexpensive HHD’s, why not keep them even after a burn?


i get you, then I don’t get you lol.
Can you explain it a little bit better for me?

@RWP - I delete them because I have to many lol. :stuck_out_tongue:
I need another hard drive. :slight_smile:


It is a digital copy so the copy is identical, no beter, no worse, it is identical. Cd’s and dvd’s do have errors but they have error corection so that you can get that identical digital copy. The hiigher the errors though, the worse the data integrity. In other words, the higher the errors, the higer the risk of uncorectable errors which would cause data loss.


mp3s are a lossy format. they do not have the same quality as the cd that you OWN and ripped. copying mp3 to mp3 to mp3 does not cause a deterioration sound quality. you’re thinking of the principle of analog dubbing. if you copied a copy of a copy of a VHS tape for example, the result would be very poor.

what Da_Taxman was saying in the second part of his post was that when you burn a cd there will always be errors on the disc. they will not affect sound quality, nor will they affect the play (unless there are many errors then they will cause skipping or freezing). things that affect error rates are speed of burn, firmware in the burner, model of the drive, and quality of media. these errors will not affect sound quality, but MAY affect data integrity. if you tried to rip a cd 6 months from now that you burned too fast on poor quality media, you may not be able to retrieve all of the data even though the files may still play in a cd player.


No, that’s exactly how it works for mp3s too.

Mattcharles, for all intents and purposes, no, the files will not change. Da_Taxman made a statement about how every CD has errors, but every CD/reader also has error correction. Unless the disc you burn them to gets pretty scratched up or is poor quality cheap media, your files will be fine.


ok thank you so much, this made the sense. lol :smiley:

Thank you everyone else as well. I keep my CDs in great condition so I think that helps a lot. :slight_smile: