Question about current Ritek +RW 4X discs

I need some more +RWs and I wanted to know if anyone out there has seen any Ritek with any other media code besides RICOHJPNW11 made in Taiwan. There doesn’t really seem to be anything else at a decent price and it has been over a year so I want to make sure that these Riteks are the same as what I currently have, especially since so many other Riteks are no where near what they used to be.

Thanks guys.

I’m pretty sure they’re all RICOHJPN, I’ve never gotten anything different, haven’t heard different, and only lists RICOHJPN. I’d say you’re safe in getting that media code, I don’t know if +RW media made by Ritek (which includes RICOHJPN) varies in quality from brand to brand as +/-R media does, hopefully not. Memorex, Fuji, and Ridata RW media of the same media code has seemed the same for me though.

Thanks much. I would hate to see it is made in China now like some of the R03.

Ritek media is already cheap, and Ritek RW would be a bad choice, IMO.
I’m using Ricoh, Philips, BASF and Verbatim (The Verbs are DVD-RW.) instead.

The Ritek +RW 4X is already Ricoh and seems to be the only DVD media they make that is decent.

OK, Ricoh DYE but the disc is still Ritek…?!

Though under Ritek brand, they are more like Ricoh DVD+RW. Ritek has produced DVD+RW media with Ricoh since the very first 2.4x first-generation.

I bought a stack of Ritek 4x DVD+RW disks last September and they were RICHOHJPNW11.

BTW, how many rewrites have you done on the Ritek DVD+RW disks? So far, 6 out of the 25 I bought have failed, all after about 5 rewrites. The disks were all written on either a LG 4082 or Liteon 1693.

I keep rotating the discs so I really don’t know how well they last. I do know that my NECs are the only burners I have found that turn out a decent burn. I have had problems with about 5-10% with errors. I almost would drop RW entirely but I have yet to find a decent cheap disc. Even with only 10 writes they still make economic sense.

The 1693 produces an excellent burn for the first three or four rewrites and then disaster strikes. I’m not sure if it’s the drive or the media, although I strongly suspect it’s the media.

I use the 1693 only for backing up hard drive data. The dvd+rw backup disks are rotated and I note the backup date and check each backup disk with a Kprobe scan, which I store along with the backup records. I was very surprised to see the dvd+rw disks failing after so few rewrites.

You can see the difference between the first burn and the fourth in the Kprobe scans below. The data on the fourth rewrite had fatal errors and the disk was no longer usable.

If you’re getting around 10 rewrites per disk with the NEC, then I’m beginning to suspect the problem may be with the 1693. The other day I flashed the drive to the KS0B firmware. Maybe that was an issue.

OTOH, I’ve started to use Mitsumi 4x dvd+rw disks and one of them has survived with PIE errors peaking from 20 to 50 on the sixth rewrite. A Kprobe scan of that Mitsumi dvd+rw disk is the third scan below.

IIRC, you also have a 1693, or used to. I’d be interested to see a Kprobe scan of one of the Ritek 4x dvd+rw disks you have burned on your 1693.

I’ve burned to my discs easily 15+ times, a couple of them probably significantly more. No problems. NEC and Benq burners mainly. How you are ‘erasing’ the data before a re-write may have something to do with your problems. I think I’ve read suggestions not to use CD-DVD Speed for erasing for example, although I’ve used it before and I haven’t seen problems that I can recall.

I don’t think any of the Ritek dvd+rw disks have survived past 5 burns, but if you’re getting 15+, then either the 1693 is damaging the disks on each burn, or something has changed with the Ricoh dvd+rw disks. When did you buy those Ritek dvd+rw disks?

I’ve done full erases with Nero ver on some of the disks that went bad, but it didn’t help. One other thing, when I look at the dye side of the disks, it’s no longer a solid colour. It has a mottled or speckled look, as if water droplets had dried on the disk.

I can tell when a Ritek disk is about to go bad, the PIE errors suddenly climb to 300+ and on the next rewrite, the disk will very likely fail permanently. In one case, I checked the disk before the fatal rewrite and the dye side was clear, on the next burn, it had that mottled look. So it seems the dye has undergone some kind of change to produce unrecoverable errors.

The first scan is a new Ritek +RW burned on an NEC 3520, 2.U4. The second is a Liteon 1693, KC4B. The third is a worn +RW disc and the burn test is the same for NEC and Liteon.

BTW, I did some testing and after a burn on a Liteon, the next burn on an NEC goes back to NEC quality. However, I have a rather older disc with quite a few burns and in that case, the burn quality is much lower on both NEC and Liteon. No amount of erasing will return it to NEC quality.

Thanks cbas0039. It’s possible I just bought a bad batch of Ritek dvd+rw disks or maybe Ricoh q/c has declined since the time about a year ago when you bought your last batch of Ritek/Ricoh disks.

There was one other thing I should have mentioned. The very first disk in the stack of 25 had a very poor burn and failed completely on the second burn. It happened that that disk was the very first optical media I burned in the 1693, so I was initially thought that the 1693 was defective. But the next dvd+rw disk was fine (but it hasn’t been burned more than two times so far).

The bad first disk might be a sign of a bad batch, or perhaps the disks were exposed to a solvent that ruined the very first disk and has affected the burn lifetimes of the rest of the stack.

In any case, I think I’ll only use the Mitsumi dvd+rw disks in the 1693. A friend of mine has an LG4082 and a Pioneer 108 drive. We’ll set things up so that he’ll use the Riteks and we’ll see how long the Ritek rw disks last with those drives.