Question about creating DVD-Audio (of the 5.1 variety)

I have a DVD video disc (4.7gb DVD-R) which has a full 5.1 digital soundtrack on it. It is a video disc tho (as in, when you play the disc, you hear a full 5.1 surround sound audio track, and you see a visual video on the screen)

What I want to know is, is it possible to capture this digital 5.1 audio track from this DVD, and burn it to another DVD-R to make an Audio DVD? So I could put it in my DVD player, and it play it as a DVD-A without the video as part of it…

The only tools I use for making DVD’s is nero, and that doesn’t have the option to create DVD-Audio, only to create DVD Video’s, data DVD’s and DVD’s with MP3’s/WMA’s on them.

So how would I go about this please?

I once saw a freeware program on sourceforge that may have something to do with what your looking for. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of it. You can try searching DVD Audio on the site.

DVD Audio Extractor will do this…
Home Page:
Trial download link:

I’ve tried that, but I can’t get it to extract to a filetype that’s suitable to burn to a DVD disc.