Question about creating an image

When using Alcohol 120% or whatever other program to create an image from a cd, is there any “security” info copied into the image or anything like that. Or is it just the raw data. I’m just trying to understand the “keystone” to getting around the cd protection like securom and safedisc. Is this does in the image making phase, or the twinsector phase, or the burning phase?

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To clarify…I’d like to know what part of copying a cd–start to finish–allows the user to avoid the cd protection. Is it something done while creating the image? Or is it something done while patching the image? Or is it something done while burning the image? I’ve read alot of the guides here, and they help me to do what I need…but I don’t really understand what is actually happening.

Thanks for the help.

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Bump for good justice. I can’t find information anywhere on why the instructions in the various guides here work. They work fine, but why do they work?

Tubbubly, I’ve just burned FEAR with TwinCreator and Alcohol, cuz I wanted a backup. Firstly, you should read Philamber’s guide to burning with Alcohol and TwinCreator. There is also a beginners guide which is very comprehensive. I would reccomend looking at the guides first, and if you have problems, then post em. Sometimes you’re hardware and recordable media can be a problem, so you might have to try at a friend’s house.

No no no. I understand exactly what to do. I’ve done it with all my games. I just want to know WHY it works. Not HOW to do it. I mean, is the protection copied to the image during the image making stage? Or is the protection simulated when burning the image with alcohol using the “securom new” settings (or the many other protection settings.)

I mean, could you just take some random image that has no protection information, and burn it with cd protection settings and have it work properly? Or is it reliant on a creation of the image that has protection information?