Question about copying a PC game

At first when i started trying to copy game i thought you just had to name them what the original cd was named but then i’d do it and it would autoplay but it would never work. One time i took the original cd and put it in there and took it out while it was loading for some reason and a blue screen came up that said , error reading disk . Insert disk with serial number 3b21-69f8. Well, i did the same thing to the other disk to see what serial number it said to put back in and it was different. My question is , when i try to play the game with the burned cd does it look for a certain serial number on the cd , if so - how do i edit the # to match the original disk’s #. If i’m totally wrong then how am i supposed to copy it. It was the sims by the way.

The Sims is safedisk 2.51, i think… That means it needs to be copied via cloneCD, blindwrite, etc. What i got from your question was that you were copying the cd’s as if they were plain data cd’s. Try using cloneCD or any other program and the problem should be solved. By the way, the name of the cd is occasionally checked but in this case i think the game is telling you to insert the original disk because it sees that it is a copy.