Question about converting software



What would you guys/gals recommend I get to convert avi to wmv?I would like something that converts fairly quickly and does not lose much quality on the video.


SUPER can do this conversion. It is a free program.

You’ll have to wade through three pages of their propaganda, but the download link does exist…bottom of page 3. I just can’t link it directly.

Quick Media Converter is a new program that has this capability, but this program is still in beta. I’m trying out an xvid avi to wmv conversion right now with it. Will post back with results.
Here is a link for the program if you want to look at it.


My conversion experiment with QMC worked very well and was remarkably quick. The time involved probably varies though, depending on the speed of your machine.



Thanks a bunch fellas , much appreciated will give those programs a try.:bow: